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Inkaterra La Casona

Inkaterra La Casona located in the traditional Plaza de las Nazarenas of Cusco, surrounded by vibrant, cobblestoned streets. This 16th Century manor house stands on the training grounds for an elite army of Incas and had Spanish Conquistador Diego de Almagro and ‘Libertador’ Simón Bolívar among its illustrious guests.

After being harmoniously restored by Inkaterra throughout five years, emphasizing its original architecture, Inkaterra La Casona reflects the encounter of cultures and traditions across centuries. Surrounding the main patio, its 11 suites are provided with chimneys, heated floors, and extra-large bathtubs. Its halls are decorated with colonial furniture, Pre-Columbian textiles and original murals.

Palacio Manco Capac

Palacio Manco Capac is built on an ancient republican huis, built on the San Cristobal hill where the foundation of Manco Capac ‘s original residence used to be. In the property an authentic Inca wall from the building can be appreciated only a few meters from the property.

Puqio luxury Tented Camp

In the serene embrace of the Colca Valley, PUQIO reconnects with nature’s essence. Here, amidst towering volcanoes, expansive grasslands, and uncharted trails, awaits a daily journey of discovery. Delight in meals cooked over clay ovens and open flames, showcasing the raw essence of Andean flavors and time-honored traditions. As night falls, rustic elegance envelops the seasoned traveler, revitalizing both body and soul. These luxury tented accommodations evoke childhood dreams, reigniting the primal urge to explore.


Nestled in the heart of Miraflores, Fausto warmly embraces the adventurous traveler within a haven of contemporary design and impeccable service. This unique guest house seamlessly merges the city’s rich heritage with a burgeoning wave of modern creativity, offering an invitation to experience Lima in its most unconventional form. With just six rooms, guests discover leisure through refined style, tantalizing cuisine, and vibrant music.


Respecting its rich heritage and honoring its founding principles, CIRQA draws inspiration from the traditional lodgings of monks, where travelers were warmly received and treated to generous hospitality and wholesome cuisine. Located in Arequipa’s historic heart, within a UNESCO-protected area, is the former monastery of CIRQA, dating back to 1540, the city’s founding year. Drawing from monks’ hospitality, CIRQA preserves Arequipenean traditions while seamlessly blending original sillar stone architecture with modern elements. Since its inception, CIRQA has been intertwined with local lore and shares a timeless bond with the San Agustin Church.

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