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OntdekReizen B.V. (referred to as OntdekReizen), located at Mitch Leighhof 2 3543CP Utrecht, is responsible for the processing of personal data as reflected in this privacy statement.

OntdekReizen B.V. uses the following domain names:, and

Contact details:
http:// Mitch Leighhof 2 3543CP Utrecht +31 6 28838572
Paola Bos is the Data Protection Officer of OntdekReizen. It can be reached through

1. When and what personal data we collect:

1.1. If you register for one of our services:
1.1.1. Your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth

1.2. In case of a request for a quote:
When requesting a quotation, we ask you to provide us with a number of personal details. This data is used to work out a tailor-made travel proposal for you. The data is stored on either OntdekReizen or a third party’s own secure servers. We will not combine this information with any other personal information in our possession.

When making a booking:
When booking, we can process the following data:

1.3.1. Passenger information, passport data, data from other identity documents.
1.3.2 Insurance data.
1.3.3 Relevant medical data and any special requirements, e.g. in connection with diet, religion or disability.
1.3.4 Information about your purchases, such as what you bought, where and when you bought it, how you paid for it and other payment information.

1.4. For actions and contests:
In the case of actions, competitions, surveys and questionnaires about our services

If we contact you, but also if you contact us, we can save the following data:
1.4.1. Personal data that you leave behind when you send us an e-mail, a letter, a call or via social media contact us.
1.4.2. You can think of data such as name, telephone number and (mail) address.
Details of emails and other digital communications that we send to you and that you open, such as the links that you click.
1.4.3. Your feedback and participation in customer surveys and questionnaires.

2. Additional personal data for which you have given us your permission, which are relevant for your trip and that of your travel companions:
If necessary, this allows us to exchange relevant data with your insurance company, their intermediaries and medical personnel if we need to act on your behalf, for example in an emergency or in the interests of other customers.

3. Indirect information
If you log in via social networks such as Facebook, Google, Pinterest or Twitter to access our platforms and online services, you consent to share your user data with us. These include your name, email address, date of birth, location, and actually any information you voluntarily share with us.

4. The use of your personal data
OntdekReizen will not sell your personal data to third parties.

5. What do we use your personal data for?
5.4. To deliver the products and services you ask us for.
We need your personal information:
5.4.1. To manage your booking or account
5.4.2. To deliver the products and services you want to buy
5.4.3. To help you with the orders or refunds (at your request).

5.5. To manage and improve our products, services and business operations.
With the personal data you provide, we continuously improve our products so that you have the best possible experience on our websites, in our loyalty and customer programmes and other services.
In order to ensure the safe use of OntdekReizen’s services, we monitor this. We do this in order to protect your personal data against fraud and other crimes and to detect and combat possible abuse of our services.

5.6. In the event of safety operations, accidents or similar incidents and for medical and insurance purposes.

5.7. In market research

5.7.1. We also use personal data for market research and research & development within OntdekReizen. We are always working to develop and improve our product offering, services, IT systems, security, knowledge and the way we communicate with you.

5.8. To get in touch with you
We want to serve you better as a customer, so if you contact us, for example via email, post, telephone or social media, we may use your personal information to clarify matters or to help you better.
If you participate in an action or contest, we use your personal data to inform you, for example, that you have won a prize. This also applies to the actions and competitions we organise with our suppliers and partners.
We may ask you to participate in our customer surveys (e.g. surveys). Then we will contact you – or the company we hire for that purpose.

5.9. In marketing communications
From time to time we may send you (for example, via e-mail) relevant travel offers or news about our services.
If you book a holiday with us or register with us, we ask you if you would like to receive messages from us. You can change this setting at any time: by telephone or by writing to us (e.g. via e-mail). The choice is of course entirely up to you, but without these messages you will miss out on great offers and promotions that may be of interest to you.
You may still receive service messages from us, such as confirmation of your booking and important information about the use of our products or services.

5.10. In market research
Your opinion is important to us. This will help us find out how we can improve our products and services. That’s why we contact you from time to time for a survey. You always decide for yourself whether you want to (continue to) participate in our market research.

5.11 Sharing personal data with suppliers and partners
5.11.1 In order to provide you with the requested products or services, we share your personal data with the suppliers of your travel arrangements, such as airlines, hotels and transport companies.
5.11.2 When we hire companies to help us with our IT services, data storage and combination, marketing, market research, payment processing and the provision of products and services, we want you to know that we select these companies with the utmost care.
5.11.3 Sometimes we share personal information in order to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights; in this context, we may provide personal information to others in order to counter fraud and mitigate credit risk.

In the event we share personal information with other organizations, we make clear agreements that they will keep your information secure and will not use it for their own marketing purposes.

Finally, we only share minimum and only relevant personal data with our suppliers and partners. This means that they only have access to the data that is needed to be able to provide you with the services.

6. Sharing of personal data with regulatory authorities
In order to allow you to travel, we are required to transfer your personal data if required to do so by the authorities at the point of departure or arrival. They often want to know this for the purposes of immigration, border control, security and anti-terrorism or for other purposes they consider important.
Some countries are only allowed to enter if the passenger details are provided in advance (such as Caricom API Data and US Secure Flight Data). These requirements may vary from destination to destination and we recommend that you check this. Even if we are not obliged to do so, we can help.
Sometimes we share minimum personal information with other government agencies when required to do so by law or by law.

7. Protecting your personal data
We know how important it is to protect and manage your personal data. We therefore take appropriate security measures to protect your data against accidental loss and against unauthorised access, use, alteration and disclosure.
You can also be involved in keeping your data safe. With your password, for example, you are responsible for keeping it confidential.
We may transfer and/or store your personal data outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”). And that this data is processed by organisations outside the EEA that work for us or one of our suppliers. Here, too, we have taken appropriate measures to protect your personal data and process it in accordance with this Statement. These protective measures include, inter alia, contractual provisions, such as the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, and appropriate security measures.

8. Storage of the data
We will retain your personal data for as long as is necessary for the purposes we discuss in this privacy statement and to comply with laws and regulations. We will then delete your personal data. In the event that we subsequently still wish to use data for analytical, historical or other business purposes, we will make your data anonymous.

9. About cookies and similar technologies
Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer, laptop or smartphone while surfing the Internet. We use cookies to recognize you when you visit us. And to make sure our websites and mobile apps work properly. Cookies also make your visit to our sites more interesting. Cookies allow us to show you holidays that we know appeal to you. Read more? This can be done in our separate Cookie Statement.

9.1 Links to other websites
Our website may contain links to websites operated by other organisations with their own privacy statements. Please read the terms and conditions and the privacy statement carefully before entering any personal data on another organisation’s website; we assume no responsibility or liability for the websites of any other organisation.
9.2 Functions for social media
Our website contains features for social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Pinterest, which have their own privacy statements. It is important to read their terms and conditions and the privacy statement carefully before entering your personal data; we do not accept any responsibility or liability for these functions.

10. Access to and updating of your personal data; complaints

You can always ask us to correct or delete your personal data. You can also object to the processing of your personal data. We will update or delete your information if we wish, unless we are required to retain it for business or legal purposes.
We do our best to handle your personal data in the best possible way. If you have a complaint about the way in which we collect, store or use your personal data, please let us know by sending your written question or complaint to the Legal Affairs Department/ Data Protection Officer:


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